Mini top hat – Voodoo Mama Juju


This mini top hat is distinguished by its beautiful dark purple velvet fabric with relief flower print. A decorative handmade hat pin with skull shaped head is tucked into a wide silk ribbon tied around the base of the crown. A little voodoo dolly, which is also hand made is placed next to colourfull beads and silk flowers on the brim of the hat. Pins, glued to the hat, are sticking out on the other side of the hats crown. A mini top hat inspired by New Orleans and voodoo magic.
Authentic miniature top hats hand made from scratch, constructed from a firm mesh base overlaid with rich fabrics. All hat pattern pieces and fabrics are cut and put together by hand.
All hats are fully lined with satin and easily attached via two alligator clips which keep the hat firmly to your hair or headband (included) to ensure stability and achieve that perfect angled look.

Each of our hats is uniquely designed and is a mini work of art, so don’t hide it in a box when not worn… it’s not just a hair accessory to wear – it is also a fascinating work of art to be displayed in your home.
Our hats come with a headband and in a beautiful handmade oval box and are sent to you in a secure package.
overall height: 4 inches (10 cm)
front to back: 6 inches (16 cm)
side to side: 4,5 inches (14 cm)

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