Authentic miniature top hats hand made from scratch, constructed from a firm mesh base overlaid with rich fabrics. All hat pattern pieces and fabrics are cut and put together by hand.
All hats are fully lined with satin and easily attached via two alligator clips which keep the hat firmly to your hair or headband to ensure stability and achieve that perfect angled look.

Mini top hat can be worn with any outfit! Neo Victorian style, Burlesque dancer, Rockabilly & Pin up babe or Steampunk adventurer. Any outfit you choose can be complemented with a little hat to finish off the look!
Top hats are also suitable for a variety of occasions, parties, masquerade, watching shows, weddings, exhibitions, watching games or races, concerts… don’t be afraid to stand out, the attention top hats attract is always positive and full of admiration.

Each of our hats is uniquely designed and is a mini work of art, so don’t hide it in a box when not worn… it’s not just a hair accessory to wear – it is also a fascinating work of art to be displayed in your home.

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